don’t settle for less

I’m so passionate about girls having high standards for the guys they date. It makes me so sad when I see a sweet, beautiful God-loving girl settling for a guy who brings them down or obviously doesn’t have the same heart for God. If there is one thing you should never settle for, it’s the man that you decide to build a relationship with. Especially if he may end up being a potential husband. God has created you in a beautiful, unique way, and the man that is lucky enough to end up with you should treat you with that recognition.

dont settle

As a daughter of the King of the universe, you deserve someone who:

  1. Realizes what precious soul he holds in his embrace when he hugs you
  2. Is just plain nice, someone who doesn’t need to put others down to feel good about himself
  3. Appreciates and recognizes your unique talents and abilities
  4. Is patient when you make mistakes and is understanding of your faults (ladies, guys with short fuses are dangerous guys to be around)
  5. Has a loving and forgiving spirit
  6. Encourages you and supports your goals and ambitions
  7. You can simply trust
  8. Respects you, your wishes, and your boundaries
  9. Is compassionate enough to put yours and others happiness above his own
  10. Encourages your walk with God and helps you seek him daily

You should never settle for a guy who:

  1. Takes you and what you do for him for granted
  2. Thinks others are “beneath” him or has an attitude of entitlement
  3. Ignores your talents or doesn’t appreciate you for who you are (don’t ever settle for someone who tries to change you)
  4. Expects you to be perfect or makes you feel guilty for your faults
  5. Has a short temper or holds grudges
  6. Puts down your dreams or belittles your life goals
  7. You constantly have to worry about whether or not he’s being faithful to you
  8. Pressures you into doing anything you don’t want to do
  9. Cares about himself more than others
  10. Either doesn’t love God or doesn’t seek him in his relationship with you

Most of all, you deserve someone who runs fiercely after God and wants to give you the world. You deserve someone who will encourage your walk with God and won’t ever provoke you to seek anything else than His goodness. You deserve someone who loves you for who you are and accepts you with all your faults. He should want the best for you and appreciate all the unique qualities you possess.

God created you with all your strengths and weaknesses and special talents. He created you to fulfill a unique purpose that only you can fulfill. The man that you decide to build a relationship with should do everything he can to help you fulfill that purpose. If you are spending your time with someone that God doesn’t desire you to be with, you might be missing your purpose. You might be wasting your time with the wrong person and miss out on the right person.

You are beautiful and lovely and special. You are the daughter of the King of the universe. You are created for great things. Don’t settle for anyone less than you deserve.

(the picture used is my from my sister’s engagement session. Deanna Kampmeyer did a wonderful job with their photos!)


One thought on “don’t settle for less

  1. So many young ladies are not taught, or maybe never even told, these principles. Thanks for sharing what they, and even those of us who may be in a position to influence them, need to hear. You have amazing insight for one your age. Thanks be to God, the training you’ve received at home and at church, and the time you’ve devoted to studying God’s word and seeking his guidance. I so enjoy reading your writings and look forward to future posts. Love you!


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