i am who God tells me i am

I am not who I think I am. I think I am too shy because the world tells me to speak out and be bold and sometimes harsh. I think I am not pretty because I don’t look like the girls in magazines or on TV. I think I’m not smart because I don’t have the highest grade in my class. I think I don’t dress well enough or don’t fit in because I don’t have the money to spend every day shopping for the latest trend.

But I am not too shy, I am not ugly, or fat or dumb or anything else that society tells me I am. I am the girl that God tells me I am.

I am not my weight. I am not my face or clothes or test scores. I am not defined by superficial qualities. I am not defined by the standards that society sets for me.

unnamedI am who God tells me I am

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I have been made pure by the blood of Jesus

I am defined by God’s love dwelling within my heart

I am not perfect, but I am blameless in my father’s eyes

I am valuable because I was created in God’s image

I am valuable because God loves me


God purposely created us all differently. He created you with your own unique heart and soul for a purpose. He gave you your abilities and talents for a purpose that no one else can fulfill except for you. You are beautiful because you are unique; there is not another living soul like yours. You are valuable because Jesus gave his life for you.

I don’t want to live up to the world’s standards of a perfect body, big red lips, long perfectly smooth hair, toned and tan legs, and the brain of a rocket scientist with a quick wit and perfectly pitched girly voice. I want to live by God’s standards. I want to live with my sometimes- frizzy hair and lower-than-normal voice, shyness and all the other “problems” society says I have while striving for a gentle spirit and a compassionate heart that is precious in God’s sight. I don’t want to be accepted by the world; usually, if you’re in line with the world, you’re out of line with God. I want to be beautiful in God’s eyes, not the world. God tells me that having meek and quiet spirit is beautiful (1 Peter 3:3). He tells me a woman with a desire for God who is faithful, responsible, and compassionate is beautiful (Proverbs 31).

God tells me I am beautiful because I am His, and I believe Him. My worth is not found in the way I look or dress. My worth is found in Jesus Christ alone. My beauty is not seen when I dress up and curl my hair or when I lose 10 pounds; it can be seen when I show compassion to others and faithfulness towards God. I’m thankful to know a God that takes me just as I am, with all my flaws and mistakes and scars, and can turn me into something precious and beautiful. I believe that my soul is as beautiful as God proclaims that it is. I will not listen to the world around me telling me that I’m not good enough; I will listen to God’s word telling me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I will believe Him.


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