embrace your glorious mess

embrace your glorious mess

I’m a mess. My car is a mess, my room is a mess, and my purse is a swirling black hole that sucks up unpaired earrings and sticks of gum never to be found again.

My driving is messy, I spilled my tea all down my shirt yesterday morning, and I can never find the right shade of lipstick.

Some days my hair decides to have a mind of its own and one time when asked, “How are you?” I replied, “Thank you.”

I miss due dates at school and my car is missing a hubcap. I never fail to sneeze the moment I finish applying mascara and I cry a lot

Some days I say things I shouldn’t have, or don’t say things I should I have. I miss opportunities to spread love and light. I reply with a hateful attitude instead of kind words.

Some days I just don’t get it right. In fact, most days I have no idea what I’m doing.

Everything about me is messy.

Including my heart.

But I have a savior, and he takes care of my messes. He turns my mess into beauty. He puts the scattered pieces of my brain back together and He gives me peace.

He calms the hurricane in my soul.

What I find comfort in is that no matter how messy my hair or my closet gets, the mess in my heart can be stilled. I also find comfort in the fact that I am given a new chance every morning to try again. With every sunrise comes new mercies. All the mistakes I’ve made, all the hurt I’ve ever felt, and all the things that clutter my heart are washed away.

There are times before I fall asleep at night, I feel like I’ve completely wasted a day. I did nothing good, maybe I had a bad attitude or acted selfishly, maybe I was negative or ungrateful- whatever the case, I had wasted a whole day of my life. I am so so so prone to thinking How can I be happy when so much is wrong? When everything around me is in chaos, and when I can’t get anything right- where do I find joy?

I find joy in the fact that I have a new chance every day. Every day I have a new opportunity to improve my mess- even if it’s just a little.

new mercies

My life may be a mess, but my heart and soul don’t have to be. My heart and soul can be the calm center of the storm swirling around me. Jesus gives me peace. He restores my soul. In Him I find rest and comfort. Don’t focus on your mess- don’t focus on the mistakes you’ve made or the opportunities you’ve missed. Focus on Jesus and your pain and mistakes will soon become less of a burden. Every morning that the sun rises, set your eyes on Jesus, and your mess will become less messy.

So on the days that I wake up late and I have no clean clothes to wear-

On the days where everything goes wrong and I just don’t get it right –

My heart will stay calm.

Because I have Jesus.



One thought on “embrace your glorious mess

  1. Betsy, I see nothing about you that is a mess! You are beautiful (especially your hair), you’re graceful, you speak well and have a beautiful voice, you’re intelligent……and you’re God’s! Don’t focus on the “spilt milk”. Except for all the amazing attributes mentioned above, I’ve always been a lot like you….dwelling on my shortcomings and worrying about what others may think of me. Please try to not do that! You are amazing, and loved by so many !


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