i am NOT a morning person

morning person

As I stepped outside into the misty 6:45 AM Friday morning (an hour of the day that I would rather not be conscious), I stood somewhat in awe of the new day unfolding before me. I love the feeling in the early morning that you’re the only one on the planet. It’s like, the Earth hasn’t completely awoken yet but isn’t still fully asleep. I love witnessing the sunrise produce the promise of a new day.

However, most mornings I let the alarm sound for a couple minutes before I actually get out of bed. The only communication anyone gets from me are nonverbal grunts. I somehow manage to still be partially asleep in the shower and I get dressed with eyes half open. Ask anyone close to me, I am NOT a morning person.

Despite the fact that the majority of humanity claims to be ardently against mornings, this precious time of day gives us a fresh start to our life. All the wrongs I did yesterday, I can fix today. All the people I didn’t appreciate yesterday, I can appreciate today.

Today. A word of opportunity.

I have the opportunity to start over today. I can make a difference in someone’s life today. I can do good things for the world today. I can praise God today. I can bake a pizza today. I can drink a milkshake today. I can smile and laugh today. I can do anything today. Today, I can add a little more joy and love to the world that wasn’t there yesterday.

No matter what happened yesterday, the sun is rising and we have the opportunity to begin again. I’m trying  to make myself appreciate each day more. And I’m making myself appreciate mornings more. From the time my feet hit the floor to the moment I arrive at whatever event that day holds for me, I can decide how I’m going to spend the day. I can spend it complaining and grumbling about every inconvenience, OR I can be thankful just for waking up again. I can decide to spend the day shining God’s light and love to everyone I encounter.  Each morning I will promise myself to do more good than I did yesterday.

“Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning; For I trust in You; Teach me the way in which I should walk; For to You I lift up my soul.” Psalm 143:8

“This is the day that The Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118: 24

My parents used to always wake us up by saying/singing/shouting “Rise and shine!” Which for the majority of my life I found kind of annoying but thinking about that phrase now, I realize it’s kind of beautiful. Shine means “to give out a bright light.” Rise up and shine God’s light. Rise and shine his love to others.

I can’t promise to turn into one of those strangely happy and talkative morning people, but I will begin to appreciate each moment of my day- including mornings. Dragging through the day waiting for it to be over is no way to live life, and it’s certainly no way to glorify God and show him gratitude for your very existence.

Maybe not every day is a good day. Maybe things happen and people get you down. But remember that you have a new chance every day to do better. Each individual day makes up your entire life, so what kind of life would it be if you spent each day grumbling and being unhappy? The rising sun, God’s new mercies, and the promise of a new day is enough reason to spend each day with a thankful heart and a rejoicing spirit.


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