God did not give you an Instagram- filtered life

instagram filtered life

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Specifically Instagram.

Every day I scroll through picture after picture of people I know looking super pretty and happy and having fun and I think- they’re so much happier than me. They’re so much prettier. They have better hair. They have cuter clothes. They seem to be having so much more fun than me.

They’re life must just be better than mine.

Instagram (and Facebook and twitter and social media in general) is a really good tool to force people to see what you want them to see. You scroll through a girl’s Instagram feed and you see her cute selfie profile picture and +600 followers and you think “wow she’s so much cuter and has more friends than me.”

So you keep scrolling and all of her pictures are of her and all of her friends and there’s so many of them with winning smiles and perfect hair and you think “Wow all of these girls are so gorgeous…maybe I’m not as attractive as I thought I was. And look at all her friends! Nobody really likes me.”

Then you continue to scroll and every picture has a couple hundred likes and you decide that her life is all around, hands down, better than yours. And you begin to hate your life.

Let me tell y’all something: social media is a joke.

*disclaimer: I do not hate social media. I love and enjoy it, and it’s very entertaining. But it’s important to be reminded of some things as we use it.

It doesn’t matter what your life is really like, you can create any kind of life you want  with social media.

I am probably more guilty of this than anyone I know, but you cannot compare your life with someone else’s fabricated, social media life. You cannot compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s filtered, final cut. It’s a totally unfair comparison.

I’ve always heard the quote “Comparison is the thief of joy” and it could not be more true. I can be perfectly happy and at peace with myself and my life until I start comparing myself with someone else. What you have to remind yourself is this: someone else’s happiness does not invalidate your own. Another girl’s beauty does not steal from your own. Others’ success does not decrease the value of your own accomplishments.

God created you the way you are for a reason. He gave you the life you live to help you fulfill a certain purpose. God did not design you with a picture-perfect, Instagram filtered face. He did not give you a picture-perfect 2000 follower Instagram life. And he definitely didn’t bless you with this beautiful-however imperfect, however messy- life for you to wish for someone else’s.

Comparing your life with others’ tells God that He messed up. He gave you the wrong face or the wrong life or the wrong friends. But I promise you, God makes no mistakes. Instagram and social media can be entertaining, but they are not your source of happiness or self-worth. Don’t allow someone’s flawless selfies or follower count break your joy for your own life (because most likely, they’re looking at somebody else and thinking the same things you are).


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