Esther: A REAL example of REAL woman of God


Whenever I hear someone talk about Esther, my mind immediately goes to the Veggie Tales version of the story. The one where the King has a talent show to choose his new Queen, and there’s one lady who sings about puppies. My sister and I used to think that was the funniest thing there was. I can still recite the song she sings.

The book of Esther tells a beautiful story. There is so much we can learn from the story in general, not just from Esther herself. Because one of my top priorities in life at the moment is becoming a more godly and graceful woman (am I considered a woman? I don’t know), of course I’m going to focus on Esther and her character more than anything else.

We all know the story. King Xerxes’ wife disobeyed him and he had her banished, and then he sent out search for a new eligible young lady to become his new Queen. Esther becomes Queen, and with the help of her cousin Mordecai, saves her people, the Jews, from being destroyed in this town that they live in. There is so much we can learn from this woman.

Esther was humble.

Soon after Esther becomes Queen, she is warned by Mordecai that someone is plotting to assassinate the King. Esther warns the King of this, and I would imagine, ends up saving his life. Esther gave the credit where credit was due, though. She made sure the King knew that Mordecai was responsible for the discovery of the plan. By giving Mordecai the credit he was due, she actually ended up saving his life later on.

This simple action shows Esther’s humility and meekness. This shows her selfless heart. She could have easily left out the part about Mordecai and taken all the glory herself, but she didn’t.

How can I change my attitude to become more like Esther’s? Am I more likely to take glory for myself, or am I willing to deny my pride and allow others to have the recognition they deserve?

Esther did not take advantage of the blessings God gave her.

Esther was a fairly ordinary girl before she was chosen as the new Queen. In fact, because she was a Jew, she might have had fewer privileges or maybe a lower social status in the area that she lived in. She really had nothing special, an orphan, being raised by her cousin. And then all of a sudden she become Queen with the rights to have basically anything she wanted.

She remained loyal to her people though. She stayed true to who she was. She used her position to save the people she loved. She used her blessings to be a blessing to others. Nothing Esther did was to benefit herself or to bring herself glory.

Do I keep what God has given me to myself or do I use it to bless others? Esther was so willing to use her position to help the ones she loved, that she risked her life in doing so. Where in my life can I use that kind of courage? Where can I make the change to use what God has given me to help those around me instead of keeping my blessings to myself?

Esther is such a beautiful example of a Godly woman, and there’s much more to learn from her. Look out for part 2 coming soon!


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