Esther (part 2)

This is the second half of my study on Esther. Esther is an amazing example of what a true woman of God looks like. I highly suggest going back to part 1 before continuing on with this post!

One of my favorite things to focus on from Esther is her courage. Most of the time in the Bible, traits like boldness, courage, and strength are seen in men more often than women. So, I really love seeing these characteristics in Esther, because it shows all of us girls that we are called to be bold and courageous too, not just to leave those things to the men.

esther part 2

Esther was brave.

Although Esther had a meek and humble spirit, she was bold. This is something our culture has a little backwards. Meekness does not equal weakness, and being humble does not mean that you are unable to be bold. Esther is the perfect example of humility and courage working together beautifully. She had the courage to do what is right, and she risked her life to save her people, God’s people. She was brave with humility. Courage isn’t always a booming voice echoing over a crowd, sometimes courage is a gentle voice proclaiming what is right just loud enough for a few to hear. Esther is the perfect example of this.

Do I have the courage of Esther? Can I boldly stand up for what I believe in with the notion that “If I perish, I perish”? Can I do it with gentleness and humility?

Esther embraced God’s purpose for her.

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” 4:14

This is probably my favorite phrase from the whole book. It’s like the aha! moment. It’s the moment that Esther realizes God’s providence in her life. It’s when we as the readers can assume that God purposely put Esther in this royal position specifically for the reason of preserving His people in this land. And Esther didn’t back away from that. She didn’t back down because the stakes were too high for her. She embraced her purpose. She did exactly what she knew she was called to do despite how scared she might have been.

If you feel called to do something, no matter what it might be, no matter how scary or impossible it may seem, remember Esther. Esther risked her life not only for the purpose of fulfilling God’s will, but for the sakes of those she loved.

I’m fairly positive that I will never be put in a position like Esther’s. The risks I take for the sake of doing the right thing are practically nonexistent, especially compared to Esther. But even with my basically nonexistent risks, I hardly have the courage Esther had. How can I embrace my calling? How can I embrace it despite what obstacles seem to be in my way? In what ways can I change my actions to follow after Esther’s?

I’ve never done a very in-depth study of the book of Esther until now, and I’m really thankful I did. It’s so much more encouraging to have real-life examples of Godly women to model my life after. We can look at these REAL women of the Bible and see how we can live out these characteristics like courage, humility, strength and faith. It makes my faith and my relationship with God much more real to me.


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