unconventional blessings

I’m kind of late on the Thanksgiving Day post, but we really should be counting our blessings throughout the entire holiday season, right? Right. So I’m telling myself that this post is still relevant.


Anyways, recent conversations have led me to think about unconventional blessings. The blessings that we experience that we don’t always view as blessings. Of course we’re thankful for our family and our friends and our church, but there are so many things beyond those things to be thankful for. And the things that I’m talking about are things that are sometimes not easy to be thankful for.

So I’ve made a short list of blessings in my life that are sometimes hard to see as blessings:

The amount of time I spend around children- Thanks to my jobs, I spend the majority of everyday around children. Most days, I don’t see this as a blessing. But I should, because when you really pay attention to them, these strange creatures can teach you really awesome things.

Cold weather- I HATE cold weather. I hate being cold. But, I’m thankful for winter because it reminds me that I have a warm house and warm clothes.

The time I spend away from Ridge while he is at school- This one is really hard to be thankful for. I don’t like being away from Ridge, but the time away from him makes me realize what a joy it is to spend time with him, and because of that, I am thankful.

Stress of school and work- As much grief as school and work causes me, I have to be thankful for it, because it reminds me that I have a goal and I’m working towards my future.

Money being tight- At least this means that I have an income and that I have money at all.

Anything that causes me pain or anxiety- We always hear about “blessings in disguise” and this would definitely be one of them. Any heartache, any misfortune, any pain or suffering I can be thankful for. These are the things that make me realize my weakness. Which makes me realize the strength of my Savior. These are the things that remind me of His goodness and His love for me.

I complain a lot. I complain about a lot of things and I complain about things I shouldn’t sometimes. I think most of us are this way. We live in our little lives of comfort and we forget that all of the privileges around us could easily be taken away. We forget God’s grace. We forget that it abounds endlessly. More often than not, I imagine He grants us grace where we don’t even realize. Where is our grateful heart? Mine is often buried under jealousy or discontent. Instead of pausing to notice where God has blessed us, we look for ways He has blessed others.

My list could probably go on for a while longer. I’ve started trying to find a blessing in things that are difficult to be thankful for. I believe that if we make a point to find something to be thankful for in everything we have and every situation we are in, good or bad, we would start to see a change in our attitude.

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!


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