choose love // choose people

I don’t like this fad that our generation has fallen into. It’s cool to be heartless. It’s cool not to care. Do what’s good for you and forget everyone else. Take care of you and only you. Be cold-hearted.

And you know what? No.

Why is it appealing to be heartless? Since when did it become a good thing not to care about others? Why is sensitivity something to be embarrassed of? That’s why there’s so much hurt in the world- people are selfish and cold and they don’t take care of the people they love.

choose love (2)

Every morning that your eyes open, you have a choice. You have a choice to show your heart. You could close yourself off- because that’s the easy thing to do, to be selfish. But that’s not how God has called us to live.

You can choose to show love. Choose to unpack your heart for those you love. Sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that someone else struggles with the same things you do. That you share the same fears, the same worries and anxieties. Choose to be vulnerable. Be transparent. Let others in. Choose to share your weaknesses over your pride. Others need to see that in you. We all need to know that we’re not muddling through life alone.

Stop acting like you don’t care. Stop pretending to be heartless. Choose transparency. Be real. The people I have met that are truly genuine are some of the best people I know. There’s a lot of value in sincerity.

Choose to be love. Show up for your friends. Check in on people that you know are struggling. Hug your parents in public. Kiss your baby brother on the nose. Tell people you love them. Let people know you’re there for them. Stop being afraid of sensitivity and showing love.

And you know, sometimes it hurts. Some days you won’t be happy. You won’t feel like loving. You won’t feel like holding the door or saying “have a good day” or “I’m here for you.” You’ll want to push people away. You’ll be tired. But the world needs you. There’s enough hurt, there’s enough broken hearts and there’s enough weary souls. The world needs your love even on the days that you don’t feel like giving it.

And you know, I’m beginning to think that my happiness isn’t that important. Maybe God isn’t as concerned with my happiness as He is with the difference I make in others’ lives. (But you know what else, how can you genuinely share love and not draw some amount of joy out of it?)

Being heartless doesn’t save you from experiencing pain. Shutting people out doesn’t make you happier. It just causes you to face the pain alone.

Sometimes it hurts, but the world needs your vulnerability. It needs your genuine heart. Your compassion. Your love. The world needs to see where you draw your joy from in the midst of your struggles. The world needs you– genuine, transparent, and vulnerable. Because through your love, through your sincere soul, they’ll get a glimpse of Jesus.


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