love them through the heartbreak

You know what wears on my heart? The pain that so often follows love. The hurt that trails after compassion.

love them through the heartbreaj


This is the nature of love- if you care about something, you give that something the power to hurt you when things go wrong. When words are said and things are done and disappointment sets in, the thing that you held so dearly to your heart can so easily break you apart. It’s painful. It’s heartbreaking.

And after the hurt that so often follows after the love, comes the discouragement. The voice shouting this is too hard, it’s time to give up, it just hurts too much –  the lies telling you that your loving this person isn’t worth the pain or heartache.

Those lies present us with a choice. We can give up. We can revoke our love, pack up our heart, and move on out. We can quit trying.

Quit trying to fix that relationship with your sister, father, or old friend.

Give up on the one who stole your heart so long ago the moment they make their first mistake.

Give up on your relentlessly unruly child.


You can turn around, unpack your heart, move back in, and tell them, my love is not that fragile.

You can choose to stay and muddle through the dirt and the grime just to watch how God moves.

God didn’t place His never-failing, never-ending, love in your heart for you to give up on it the moment things get rough. Y’all, real love doesn’t run the moment feelings get hurt or mistakes get made. Real love is going to hurt. The disappointment, the rejection, the guilt- it hurts. And the hurt is going to discourage you. It’s going to convince you that it’s all just too much for you to bear. It’s not. You have God’s love inside you. His love doesn’t quit on you when you’re disobedient or you reject Him or you disappoint Him.

We’re not just called, we’re commanded to love with this same love- the love that bears all things and endures all things.

God can’t bless your relationships, and he can’t use you through those relationships, if you give up right when it’s about to get real, right when you’re getting to the good stuff. Relationships with anyone- significant other, sister, old friend, new friend, coworker- are going to get hard. You may grow tired, and your heart may get weary, and you’ll want to give up. But God uses you through those relationships. You have to fight through the hurt and the discomfort to get to the beauty.

Love sticks around. Love sticks around through the tear-filled arguments and the stubborn wills and the forced, guilt-ridden apologies. That’s when you find the beauty. When you stick around for the end, when you’ve made it through the heartache, you find the beauty of a real, Godly relationship rooted in real, Godly love.

But you have to quiet the shouts commanding you to throw in the towel and embrace the truth that real love endures, real love bears all things. You have to remind yourself that this person is worth the heartache. Remind yourself that this person is important enough to you for you to stay. You have to choose them. Choose to share the relentless love of God with them.

True love perseveres.

True love doesn’t wait for the other person, it just loves. And it doesn’t give up.

{1 Corinthians 13:7 // Ephesians 4:2 // 1 Peter 4:8 // Proverbs 10:12}


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