what do you love?

Things I love:
My boyfriend
My family

The list could go on longer, but the point isn’t necessarily what I love but how much I love it.

What you love influences the way you live.

These influences can be broken down into categories:
What you desire.
What you do.
What kind of attitude you have.
What you say.

If I love money, I’m going to spend the majority of my time chasing after it. I’ll give up other things in order to get more money, or I’ll make decisions based around how much money I can stand to lose or how much more I want. Money will control my desires.

If I love popularity, I will change myself to get more of it. I’ll change myself to fit into other people’s molds. I’ll suppress parts of myself to amplify the parts other people want to see. My worth will be based on how many people “like” me or how many friends I have.

Even if whatever you love isn’t inherently bad, how much you love it could negatively affect your life.

I love to shop. Shopping isn’t necessarily bad, but how much I love it could hurt me. I’ll blow money that I don’t even have for a new pair of shoes. I’ll take money from my savings to buy a new top that I don’t really need. I run out of money before my next paycheck because I had to have a new pair of jeans. I recklessly spend money on material things rather than putting it towards things that could better myself or someone else.

What we love also determines the strength of our spiritual life. The things I love- shopping, friends, my boyfriend, acceptance from others, my cell phone, etc- can either negatively or positively affect my relationship with God. Anything I love more than God becomes an idol. Anything we put more focus on than God hurts our relationship with Him.

what do you love

What does it mean when you love something or someone? You spend a lot of your time thinking about it/them. You give up other things for the sake of it/them. You spend a lot of your time with them. You make decisions based on it.

Do we love God enough to do all those things? Do I give up my time to spend time with Him? Do I base my actions and attitudes on what His Word says? Do I love God in the same way that I love other people or things?

If you love God, I mean truly love God- You’ll strive for the things of God. You’ll desire His goodness and His peace and hope and love. You will put your value in Christ not in the world. You can live in joy and peace and you don’t have to allow the world to weigh heavy on your heart. You don’t have to chase after worldly things, you can chase after God. All the other stuff- popularity, money, clothes, acceptance, etc… won’t be so high on your priority list.

It’s easy to claim that we love God, but sometimes our actions say differently. When you skip church to catch up on sleep, you are saying that you love your comfort more than God. When you change who you are to be accepted by other people, you are saying that you love your popularity more than God.

all your soul all your might

What things in your life influence any of these categories? What do your desires, actions, attitudes, and words say about what you love?

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” Deuteronomy 6:5


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