who said life was fair?

“That’s not fair!”

“Yeah, well life’s not fair.”

No matter which side of this conversation you’re on, you’ve probably had this argument dozens of times in your life.

Who said life was fair?

who said life was fair

I remember after hearing the yeah, well life’s not fair bit, I would always think: well, YOU’RE the parents, YOU’RE supposed to make it fair.

That kid has a phone, so they should give me a phone. Sister pinched me before I kicked her, so why am I the one getting punished? Send her to her room too.

Now that I’m older, this responsibility of “making things fair” has been pushed off my parents and onto God. Why haven’t I been given more? More talent, different opportunities, more money, more friends, a different personality. My list could go on indefinitely. We can all question any number of things.

Why do they seem to have it easier?

Why is their family so wealthy?

Why are they so talented?

Why can’t I have her face/clothes/body/etc…?

Here’s the thing though:
You have been given your face, your talents, your material things, opportunities, family, body, strengths and weaknesses. You have been made who you are, where you are, and with only the things that you have.

You get yours, not anyone else’s.

Somewhere along the way, God may give you more. But just as easily as he can give, he can take away. However, our focus shouldn’t be how much we have or what we have. Our focus should be on what we can do with the things that we already have. The quantity isn’t important, the quality is. And the quality of the things you have is totally dependent on how you use them.

What are you called to do with the things that God has given you? I am compelled to believe that God is glorified both when you’re in abundance and when you’re lacking. You can use what you have for good and for God’s glory even if you feel like you have next to nothing. Even the smallest of things become irreplaceable when they are used for God’s purpose.

god is glorified

You have no need to try to keep up with everyone around you; you have all you need, right here, right now.

So, our cry should no longer be: God, give me more, give me different
It becomes: God, show me how to use what I have for your glory

The pressure to want, to need more, and to keep up, is raging through the world around us. Our society is wired to force you to want more. Your human nature is unfortunately wired to be drawn to things that you can’t have. But we need to step back from the bottomless pit of greed that is the world and look at our own little things- our own little lives with our friends and families, talents, and even material things- and discover how we can use them to honor God. We need to learn how to use what we have to further God’s kingdom here on Earth.

Whatever you have, whether it’s a little or a lot, is enough.

It’s enough to use for someone else’s good.

It’s enough to use for God.

Stop praying for more. Stop praying for someone else’s. Pray that God will show you how to use what you have, material or otherwise, for His Kingdom right now.


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