be careful, little hands, what you do

I want you to look down at your hands- look at the wrinkles and crevices, maybe even blisters or calluses, scars- whatever they might hold. What story do they tell? Do they tell tales of hard work, of help given to others? Or do they whisper secret actions, hidden away from the world? Do they hold secrets or truths? Do you use them to comfort or push away? Are they open, giving, supporting, extended in love- or do they stay clamped shut?

Your hands are mighty tools.

They can create, or they can destroy.

They can give, or they can take away.

They can heal and they can harm.

They can comfort or they can hurt.

Your hands were formed by God for the purpose of giving. They are meant to stay honest and open, steadily and willingly extended to anyone and everyone. Always ready to provide aid, comfort, love or support for anyone who needs it. Your hands are meant to be gentle and loving, pushing people toward better. They should always be full of blessings to give to others.

Be careful, little hands, what you do

be careful

Now, look down at your feet. What paths have they traveled? Do they wander places they shouldn’t go? Or do they follow in the footsteps of Jesus, leading others along the way? Do they footsteps they leave behind crooked and scattered, or straight and constant?

Your feet can lead you to places of beauty or places of destruction.

They’ll take you to church or to the bar.

They can lead others away from God or to Him.

God formed your feet for the purpose of standing firm and unwavering in your faith. Your feet can take you to places where God is plainly seen or places where his presence is absent. Your feet were made to walk a straight and steady path, and to guide those around you on the same journey. Your feet create a path for others to follow to Christ.

Be careful, little feet, where you go

Go to a mirror and look at your lips. These are possibly the most important. What speech flows from your lips? Do they utter words of kindness, love and grace? Or does your mouth hold hate or secrets or lies locked inside? Do your lips build others up or tear them down? Do they speak of pure, godly, things? And when it comes to Christ your Savior, do they clam up and stay silent or do they sing and shout songs of praise?

Your mouth is the most influential tool you have. “In the same way, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it boasts of great things. Consider how small a spark sets a great forest on fire.” James 3:5

Your mouth can stir up hope in someone’s soul or it can brew hatred.

It can spread joy or it can spread anger.

It can sing praises or it can whisper lies.

The words that come from your lips are powerful.

God created your lips for the purpose of praise- to speak life, joy, love, and grace to everyone around you, to spread the joy of Christ and to speak His truth. They are created to communicate grace. They should spread the gospel and encourage and uplift others.

Be careful, little mouth, what you say

God has given you the greatest tool for honoring Him in the form of your body. Everything you do, say, or go should provide evidence to others of who you are and Who you stand for. Throughout your day, focus on the things your hands are doing- what do they do for others? Focus on what your mouth says- does it’s speech praise God in every sentence? What about your feet- where do they lead others?

If everything you have was taken away from you, you would still have possession of your body. That’s why your body is the most basic tool you have for serving God. Your body is a body designed for service and praise. Your physical being is literally created by God, and every part of you should serve a purpose to honor Him.



One thought on “be careful, little hands, what you do

  1. God gave us fists as well as hands. Even Jesus had anger at the money-changers in the temple, which means ( to me) that anger towards things that aren’t holy is okay. However, that being said, that is the only time I find in the Bible where Jesus used a fist–he otherwise did not point a finger or raise His voice; instead He opened his hands/arms and invited sinners to forgiveness. He offers love-not judgment-Why else would we come to Him? You have such insight and I think you should seriously consider making your writings (at least) a part of your future career. Aunt Jan


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