filling yourself with Jesus

I like to fill my heart with different things. We all like to set up little comfy homes in our hearts for the things that we think are going to make us happy. We want these things, events, or people to live comfortably inside us and bring us contentment, security, comfort, etc… for the rest of our days.

I like to think that once this thing happens, I’ll be happy. Once I get “x” amount of money, I’ll be happy. If I could just have more material things, I’ll be happy. And then “this thing” happens, and I’m left with a couple moments, weeks, maybe even a few months of happiness, and then I’m left feeling empty again. I like to rest my contentment, security, and comfort on an object, or event or person. And then when that one thing inevitably lets me down, my whole world comes crashing down. Because my whole world revolved around that one thing.

And it’s the same with anything- you can wait to get a boyfriend, to graduate high school, college, for the weekend, for summer- whatever it may be.

filling yourself

I think part of the reason we like to pour all of ourselves into earthly things, events, or people is because they are more concrete. They seem more real to us. I am easily satisfied when I visually see my paycheck deposit. I’m usually really content with myself when I come home from a successful shopping day and review everything I bought. Comfort is easy to seek from hugs or affection from friends and family. Those things are physical. We can certainly see them, feel them, or reap the physical benefits from them.

Our relationship with God is not always as tangible. We can’t see Him, we can’t always see what He’s doing or what He’s telling us to do. He isn’t a physical presence in our lives.

But the reality is, there is nothing more real, or more secure or lasting than our life we have in Christ. It’s important to understand that although earthly things are more concrete than your perception of God seems, your relationship with God is far more permanent. Anything we fill ourselves with other than Jesus is eventually going to let us down. Anything other than Jesus will leave us feeling empty.

There’s this song by Bethel Music called You Are My One Thing and it’s a really beautiful and meaningful song.

Just to be close to you

Just to walk next to you

This is my one thing

You are my one thing

Just to be in the presence of Jesus, just to know that He is in our lives should be enough. To wake up every day realizing that Jesus walks through life with us is enough for us to hold on to. Jesus is more than enough to fill ourselves with.The fact that you even have breath in your lungs and have the privilege to exist in a universe where you have Jesus Christ as your Hope and Savior is far beyond more than enough to hold onto.

He’s the only thing that will last through changing days, or years. He’s able to comfort and protect you better than anything or anyone. He can bring you more peace, joy, or security than any physical thing or any person. And it’s enduring. Your relationship with Jesus is more permanent and secure than your relationship with anyone else, and definitely with any other material thing.

He’ll last beyond your graduation date, beyond the day you finally get a boyfriend, beyond the weekend and summer. He never ends, and He certainly never lets us down.

If we live our lives constantly waiting for the next thing to fill ourselves with, we’ll be perpetually searching for contentment. The space in our lives is only shaped for Jesus. Only Jesus is enough to fill up the expanse of the hole in our heart. Anything you latch onto other than Him will always leave you looking for more.

So that boyfriend isn’t going to bring you joy. Graduating high school or college won’t bring you joy. Neither is the weekend or the summer or the next paycheck. Those things will make you happy for a period of time. Eventually the newness wears off or the thing lets you down, or it altogether ends. Jesus is lasting. Filling yourself up with him will never bring you disappointment.


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