life as a Christian Millennial

When I walk into class, sometimes I just sit and watch other people. Most of the time, it is dead silent, and everyone is deeply entranced into their blue glowing screens. You get put on a waiting list at a restaurant, and take a seat on a bench just like everyone else, and again- no conversation, blue glowing screens. Elevators are the worst. Can you imagine actually having to make small talk with the people squished in there with you? Just avoid them by staring at meaningless words on a blue glowing screen. We’re consumed with broadcasting every aspect of our life to the internet world, but we can’t spare a few words for the person in the real world next to us

This post is going to make me sound like an elderly technology-hater. But as an almost-20-something actually born into this “hated” Millennial generation, maybe my words carry more weight (hopefully).

life as

I’m most definitely not a saint. Small talk generally makes me uncomfortable, and just because of my personality (I guess), I would rather talk about meaningful things rather than the weather.

But anyways, sometimes when someone’s voice draws me out of the trance with my phone, I find myself rushing to end the conversation or giving short replies so I can get back to the comfort of my blue screen. That’s what they’ve become- security blankets. Our phones give us a place to hide from the judgment of actual people. Whenever I find myself in a potentially awkward situation, I just look down at my phone, even when there’s nothing to look at. And it drives me insane, but it seems like I can’t stop myself.

A couple of observations I’ve made of my Millennial Generation:

We cheat our way through class and then expect an A on the final exam. When told to do something by their parents, I’ve heard teens respond with an outright “no”. We’re more concerned with what others can do for us than what we can do for them. We’ve become more interested in looking good on the internet than making positive, lasting impressions on those around us.

Now, not everything about us is bad. Studies have shown that Generation Y is more tolerant of minorities than previous generations, we are more open to change, and we will soon become the most educated generation in history. We also have a more positive outlook on life, with 96% of us believing we will do something great and meaningful in our lives.

My question is: with all the knowledge, resources, media outlets, and opportunities out there, why aren’t we doing more? Why don’t we use what we have to make a difference, spread the gospel, and give aid to those in need?

Some studies show that ¼ of Millennials say that they are unaffiliated with a religion. 59% of Millennial Christians disconnect from a church after the age of 15.

This is a call to the Christian Millennial: You have more convenient and more widely accessible methods of evangelism than anyone else in previous generations has ever had. Use them.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

We all know we are called to spread the gospel. It is a well-rehearsed teaching of modern churches. But how many of us actually take it to heart? How devoted are we to this calling?

The great advantage we people of the Information Era have is that we don’t even have to leave our home to fulfill this calling. It has never been easier in all the eras of time to broadcast information to the rest of the world. People everywhere have access to everything– so why are so many of us more concerned with showing them ourselves rather than Jesus?

The world is going to keep advancing, and some tech-phobes claim that’s a danger to our society. In some ways, I believe it could be. But in all honesty, how technology affects our way of living is totally and completely up to us. Some people claim that things were better in the “good old days”. Some of us wish we had been born in a different time period, when morals were higher and Christianity was more widely accepted. In some ways, I understand this.

You know what though? We Millennials are blessed to be born into the time period that we were. We have an easier life than our grandparents and parents. We have more education, more opportunities, and more information available to us at the touch a finger. We hold all the information in the entire world in our pockets. We hold all the communication tools in the world in our pockets.

Here is what it boils down to: Use your blessings to be a blessing. Use your opportunities to bring opportunities to others. Use your bountiful resources and information to be light for Christ in this ever-dimming world.