small moments

In the midst of my chaos, I can find peace. In the midst of the everyday hum-drum, I can find a purpose. Right smack in between busy days and school/work/life induced anxiety and worry, my soul can find rest. There is beauty and joy in every day, but most of us are just too busy rushing to the next task, the next weekend, the next paycheck, or the next due date. We forget to embrace the small moments. The ordinary, everyday moments. The moments where we feel nothing short of unimportant or useless. The moments that often just pass us by without giving them a second thought. What most of us fail to recognize is that these small, everyday, ordinary moments are what make up our entire life.

Inspired by Emily P. Freeman’s “Simply Tuesday”, is my Small Moment corner of this blog. These posts are dedicated to finding my peace and contentment in the ordinary, small moments of my life.

small moments

purpose in the chaos 10/14/15

finding comfort in my cluelessness 2/22/16